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Do you get stuck trying to figure out a catchy, interesting and compelling headlines for your next blog posts. Writing headline titles that are compelling, magnetic and eye-catching are crucial to get your content opened and read!

According to top copywriters in the field, 80% of people will actually read your title, but only 20% will click through and read it. So this should tell you a lot about why it is crucial to have an attention grabbing, interesting and awesome title for your posts and articles.

I have noticed from personal experience that I can write some very similar content on an article submission website and get WIDELY different click through rates?


Because of the Headline.

Headline Writing – Why it is So Important

Again, I always stress this – we are overloaded with information, especially online. We are time poor, and need good information delivered to us fast, in a quick and easy to read format. We are also so overloaded that, yes, we become very selective and superficial so if your title is boring, your potential lead and client will hit the back button before you even get a chance to tell them about your great product or service. They will move on to the next person that DOES have a compelling title.

So, how do you write great titles? The key is to be creative, authentic and follow some best practices. Who knows the best practices? The magazines on the newsstands that are selling millions of copies a day, mainly due to the power of their article headlines.

Writing Headline Ideas – Where do I find them?

Do you know who has the best and most compelling titles? Magazines like Cosmo, Seventeen, Nylon Magazine, Bazaar and InStyle, to name a few.

Of course you are not just going to straight out copy their titles – you need to tweak it to your particular audience and market.

101 Awesome titles for your next blog post

So here is my special gift to you. After scouring through hundreds of magazines and whilst waiting in line at Duane Reade I have come up with 101 Awesome, attention grabbing titles, all delivered here free for you.

Download Your FREE 101 Awesome Writing Headline Ideas Right Now!

Knock yourself out, and don’t forget to BE CREATIVE, change it around to suit your market, add things delete things and get in the habit of looking out for catchy titles.

It doesn’t just have to be from magazines – you can get them from Billboards, Newspapers, or the back of a bus!

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