Why You Need Facebook Page Marketing and How to Get Started Today!

by Nina Vucetic on September 28, 2011

facebook page marketingHaving a lot of Facebook fans is more than just proof to the world how popular you are. If you are in the business of promoting your services, selling informational or physical products then Facebook Fan Page Marketing is your best friend at the moment.

Facebook fans that are added to your page are essentially potential NEW clients, customers are revenue streams.

Facebook page marketing  is a largely untapped marketing platform full of potential leads which means more clients, more sales and cash for your business.

When Facebook Fan Marketing is done right, it will be something like a filled out seminar full of loyal followers waiting to hear what you have to say and offer. They will be eagerly waiting to hear what you are selling, the information you provide and then lining up to get hold of whatever it is that you are offering.

They will all eagerly be waiting to hear what YOU have to say and lining up to buy your products or services, because if done effectively, you would have positioned yourself as an expert in your field that always provides top quality, high value information that actually benefits customers and prospects.

Social media and online marketing is an effective way for any size business to connect with and engage their customer base and turn them into brand evangelists.

It is becoming effective in most industries and markets – some of which you would never have thought would have Facebook success, such as law firms. But the latest news indicates that lawyers are increasingly using Facebook to answer questions, build trust and get expert status as well as top customer service.

When your customer base is already active, online social media marketing has distinct advantages over traditional marketing.

If you know what you are doing when it comes to Facebook Fan Page Marketing  and if you are consistent with your efforts, you will create a large and loyal fan base that  will all be RAVING to their friends and fans about what you have to offer

Think about it, its free advertising that can create more fans, more leads and more revenue for your business.

CNN Just reported that Facebook is the NUMBER ONE most popular site on the internet, with over 750 registered users and counting!!!!

So whether you’re selling a product or service, there is no doubt that Facebook is now the number 1 best place to find new, untapped customers for your business.

Can your business really afford not to be on Facebook?

Facebook is undoubtedly the number one tool that is largely underutilized, or not used properly by most people due to lack of knowledge and expertise.

However, if you master this platform, you will reap the benefits of this incredibly powerful and highly trafficked site that has surpassed Google in terms of traffic!

Benefits of Facebook fan Page Marketing

• Increase traffic to your website

• Build a community of loyal raving fans who will not only buy more from you but recommend to you to their friends

• Build relationships with targeted leads that you would otherwise not have access to – for free!

• Build your creditability as an expert in your field

• Increase your visibility to your clients, potential clients and strategic alliances

• Gain new business

• Reduce your client acquisition costs and gain more profitable clients


If you don’t already have a Facebook Fan page for your business, need help with using Facebook for marketing or could use more targeted fans, then I can help you get started, implement a strategy and bring in targeted leads for your products and services.


Simply call us or apply online today to book your Initial Consultation and we can figure out a Facebook Marketing strategy to get you started immediately!

You can also head over to our Case Studies and Examples Page and check out the awesome Facebook pages that we have already created for clients!

To Your Business and Marketing Success,

Nina Vucetic


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