What Exactly is Social Media Marketing?

by Nina Vucetic on June 20, 2011

what is social media marketingSocial media marketing has become one of these latest buzzwords going around that everyone thinks they know about, but suspects that maybe they don’t.

Is it twitter? Is it Facebook? Digg? All of them? None of them? Does it work? Is it dead? Is it a Nightclub?

Social media is basically any platform that connects people together to share information, ideas and connect with each other. Facebook is of course the most popular example, with CNN reporting that there are now 750 MILLION registered users. Wow.

But if you are a business owner, do you really understand what social media marketing means and how to utilize it to actually generate revenue for your business? Assuming that is what you are after… if you are looking for a date, different story and I’ll make sure to post another article on that topic!

So back to business. How do you use social media marketing to your advantage in business?

Essentially, Social Media Marketing for business purposes comes down to 3 things:

1. Generating Targeted Sales Leads

2. Building Relationships

3. Creating Trust.

People have to KNOW you, TRUST you and LIKE you before they actually BUY from you.


So social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn are the perfect vehicles to make this happen. It is your opportunity to let your personality out (please always be authentic), build relationships, add value and get people to like you!

Pick a few of the top ones to start off with or you will just end up getting too confused, losing passwords, distracted and end up giving up on it. Start slow, and build.

Create genuine relationships with people who can either be potential JV partners, customers or just people that you can learn and share information with.

Of course, there is always potential for a sale in there, but it must be presented tactfully, in context and not overdone. Stick to the 80/20 rule when it comes to this – spend 80% of your time sharing information and building relationships, and 20% on self promotion.

Remember, Social Media Marketing is NOT about selling, its about relationship building.


If you get that right your leads and sales will come pouring in!


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