Easy Website Article Marketing Strategies

by Nina Vucetic on June 27, 2011

website article marketing strategiesIf you are just starting out in with the whole concept of internet marketing and promoting your business online, you may be a little confused by all the different traffic generating techniques that get talked about.

One of the main ones is Article Marketing. You will hear about this a lot. Article marketing is a great way to get people to find out about your company, product or service and give you some online exposure. It is also a way to generate links to your site – but more on that later.

In a nutshell, you can write an article about anything. So if you are a law firm dealing with personal injury, your article may be about the Importance of Hiring a Top Personal Injury Attorney. You are of course an expert at this, and your aim is to give your readers as much information as possible, discuss the benefits, talk about some of the pitfalls and usually in the resource box of an article marketing site you will get the opportunity to promote your Personal Injury Firm.

What Should You Write About?

The rule is that you write about what you know about and what you want to share with your readers. If you are a Stylist, you can write about the Top 10 Latest Trends in Stilettos. If you are in the Concrete Paving Business you may want to write about the Latest Decorative Concrete Designs.

Stick to what you know, be informative, give away as much useful information as possible and you will be a hit! Become known as an expert in your field, whatever it may be.

Be Authentic

Here is another tip, pretend that you are writing to a friend – drop the promo language, people will connect with you a lot more if you are authentic and have your own voice!

How Long Should the article be?

The general rule these days is that the minimum length of an article should be about 400 words. That’s the minimum. You don’t want to go any lower than that, as most of the popular and well known sites will actually reject any articles that are less than 400 words.

You can of course write more if there is a great deal of content that you wish to share, but remember that we live in an A.D.D information-overload world, so if your article is getting too long, break it up and turn it into a series.

For example:

Bodybuilding Tips Part 1 – Chest and Back,

Bodybuilding Tips Part 2 – Legs and Glutes, etc.

Keep it interesting, informative and packed with original content.

Where do you post the articles?

There are a number of options when it comes to article posting, but here are some guidelines:

Here are some of the top 10 quality article directory submission sites:

1. EzineArticles.com
2. Suite101.com
3. ArticlesBase.com
4. ArticleAlley.com
5. Articlecity.com
6. isnare.com
7. Buzzle.com
8. GoArticles.com
9. SelfGrowth.com
10. ArticleDashboard.com

What next?

After you have published your article and it has been accepted, you probably want to spread the news about it. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg and any other social media sites that you belong to. Email it to your subscribers, friends or add it to your Newsletter.

Bonus Tip:

A great thing that you can do with articles that you have published in future is break them up into Tweets. You can take one 400 word article and create 10 awesome tweets out of it! All with links back to your article and then back to your site.

Remember, the motto:


The more people get to know you, trust you and like you, the more they will eventually buy from you!


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