How Web Video Marketing Can Increase Your Traffic by 66%

by Nina Vucetic on August 30, 2011

youtube video marketingWeb Video Marketing is a powerful way to boost traffic to your as well as to brand yourself online, generate more interest in your products and service and  give potential customers a great way to engage with you and your content.

YouTube is now the SECOND  largest search engine and third most trafficked website online today. This is why it is crucial to include YouTube Video Marketing into your overall online marketing strategy.

Why Use Video Marketing?

I wanted to show you this example of the power of web video marketing. I simply published a video on a particular day, on one of my websites that had very low traffic and the results were incredible – just from that one web video and sharing it on YouTube.

The total traffic to the site went from 98 visitors  on Aug 22 to 149 on Aug 23 – that is a 66% increase in traffic simply from publishing a video on YouTube and posting it on the blog to make readers aware that the video was there.

So this is a simple example and the video marketing strategy could be taken further by syndicating it on other video sites, such as TubeMogul and many other that are out there.

You can see the visual image here:


web video marketing








That shows you the incredible power of YouTube video marketing video for bringing in traffic to your site, increasing online exposure and generating leads and revenue.
If you haven’t started creating videos yet, video marketing strategy why not? There is a misconception that they are difficult to create, cost a lot of money and require a high degree of technical knowledge.
But this simply is not true!
Web video marketing is simple, you can create and post a video right now just from your laptop. That is the way that I do it – I don’t use any expensive equipment and natural lighting always looks best.
So get started with your first video and incorporate it into your online marketing plan!

Watch this video for more information about Web Video Marketing:

To find out more about using web video marketing and incorporating it into your overall social media marketing strategy, contact me for a quick consultation and we can determine the best plan, strategy and blueprint to get you more targeted leads, sales and revenue.

To Your Business and Marketing Success,

Nina Vucetic


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