Using Editorial Calendars for Strategic Internet Marketing

by Nina Vucetic on August 11, 2011

editorial calensars for strategic internet marketingStrategic internet marketing involves a number of different elements including blog posting, article writing and marketing, press release writing, creating Web 2.0 pages, guest posting, video creation among other things.

One thing that I have found crucial is to use editorial calendars to set up all of the various posting and web site marketing that you will do in advance. Otherwise you will become confused, overwhelmed and unsure about what needs to be done next.

Editorial Calendars for Strategic Internet marketing

Having an editorial calendar as part of your internet marketing strategy ensure that you are maximizing your time, that you have a clear plan and outline about how to execute your website marketing strategy and avoids a lot of lost time and uncertainty about what to do next.

How to create an editorial calendar:

You should aim to include all of the different elements of your web site marketing strategy into your calendar, and base it on how often you have decided to utilize different internet marketing strategies like blog and article posting, article writing, press release writing and submission, guest posting and video marketing.

Starting your calendar can be done simply by mapping it out on a large piece of paper, or you can use an electronic one – a good place to find these is Editorial Calendar templates

You can print them off and update them in advance with your particular strategy and content creation plan.

I know personally that I have wasted a lot of time in the past and become overwhelmed simply because I did not have a plan in advance and so a lot of time was wasted figuring out what to do next and getting stuck on several different tasks at once, simply because I did not have a plan and strategy to follow.

So do yourself a favor and create a content outline, a calendar for your strategic internet marketing well in advance and you will avoid a lot of stress and overwhelm. Stress comes from a lack of preparation!

Having a clear, pre-planned strategy is crucial. Whether it is business or war, those with a plan are far more likely to have success!

If you would like help with your strategic marketing plan, please contact me for an initial assessment so we can see where you business is at right now and how to move it forward to create maximum online exposure, leads and success.


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