Treat Your Online Business Like a Franchise

by Nina Vucetic on July 12, 2011

online business strategyWhatever business you are in, it is crucial to look at it as if you are building a franchise. Online business strategy is about treating your online business like a real business right from the start – to avoid wasting time in the future when your business grows and you want to create another online business and model your past efforts.

Make sure that everything that you do can be replicated if you decide to start a new business or if you expand to the point that you need to hire additional staff to do things for you.


Online Business Strategy

Always keep templates of things like:

  • Initial Assessment Requests
  • Newsletters
  • Follow Ups with Clients
  • Article Writing Templates
  • Optimizing a Blog Post
  • Where to find Top Information for a Client
  • How to set up WordPress
  • Setting up Other Applications that you use

This is crucial to your online business marketing success. Even if you are starting off small, think like you are building an empire. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run when you do actually have an empire and you have to go back and redo everything.

Create systems that can be repeated over again, with step by step instructions.

A great online marketing strategy has clear systems in place that can easily be shared and replicated. Your online business marketing should be easy to follow and understand, and you should have templates and instructions set up so that you can easily build a team and a full online business. But it all starts with having the right online marketing strategy, plan and marketing in place.

Once you have gone through this whole process with one business venture, it will make each and every other business that you set up so much faster and easier to get off the ground.
Online Business Strategy is everything. It saves time, energy and can easily be delegated once you get big enough to get your own team together. But don’t wait until then – start today!

Act as if you already have that empire and remember, whatever we believe we achieve.

What are you doing today to create an online business strategy? Share your tips and thoughts!


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