The Most Crucial Elements of a Landing or Sales Page

by Nina Vucetic on February 19, 2012

When writing your landing page or sales page as it is often referred to, there are some crucial elements that need to be included and there is also a simple structure that you can follow that is effective and you can re-use a number of times when setting up a new sales page.

The basic structure is to first start off by listing the following:

Step 1: Write out your potential customers’ biggest pain points

Step 2: Write out your solution and the dream situation that corresponds to each of those pain points

Step 3: List the BENEFITS of your product or solution, painting a picture of how it will bring them to their ideal situation

Step 4: Write out as many benefits of your product as possible – you never know which one will resonate with the potential customer
Step 5: Scatter you Sales Page with testimonials

Step 6: Address all of your potential prospects objections in your sales page

Step 7: Have a very strong call to action where you specifically ASK for them to make a purchase. Now you can rephrase this in a way that does not sound so pushy, like, “Sign Up Now”, “Get Started Today” or “Get Your Copy Sent Over to Your in the next 5 Minutes”, Make that change today by “Signing Up” using the link below!

Now, many wordpress themes simply do not have the functionality to create stunning sales pages, which is a major problem, because this is essentially your “storefront” and needs to show off your products and services in the best possible light.

Not having a great design and style for your landing or sales page can negatively impact on your conversion rates and sales. If it does not look absolutely professional, people will assume that your products and services are also not professional and you will lose credibility, authority and trust.

A great solution for simple, easy to use and customizable sales and landing pages that are highly effective and simple to install is the Copy Blogger premise solution – Premise for WordPress. You can get this theme and use it on any WordPress site and it is the most easy to use landing page template with a layout that explains the structure of the template and easily guides you through the sales page creation process.


Premise Landing Pages Made Easy


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Nina Vucetic July 14, 2012 at 11:23 am

Gret post about about landing pages.


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