Secrets to Building a High Profit Business

by Nina Vucetic on July 22, 2011

Steps to Building a High Profit BusinessI am a huge fan of Brian Tracy and a lot of my success and direction both in my web site promotion marketing business and other ventures that I have been involved in online have been the direct result of his coaching programs, audio, e books and seminars that I have attended.


The latest online Webinar was the 7 Steps to Building a High Profit Business and Becoming a Millionaire.

Brian Tracy knows how to get to the point succinctly and deliver the highest quality, information packed content in a few simple sentences and points.

I will share them with you now to get you started.

First off he asks the question why it is that some people seem to have so much more success with their business – what is it that they are doing differently? This was how he started his whole business model and coaching programs, by asking that initial question.

He learned through intense study, trial and error and constant striving for improvement how to grow his business and “Double Your Income and Double Your Time Off”. Is that not what we all want?

So what are the secrets?

First off know this: Your business potential in TEN TIMES what you are earning today, and all that is required is superior knowledge and skill.

And here is the best part – all of this is learnable. You CAN learn and acquire superior knowledge and skill, no matter where you are starting. Everyone started at the bottom 10% so there is nothing that can stand in your way – except for your own limiting beliefs.

Starting and Building Your Own Business

If you KNOW what you are doing, your success rate is 90%. And once again, ALL skills are learnable, to create ANY financial goal that you want.

Most businesses fail due to lack of business knowledge and skills. This could all be easily transformed if they simply acquired the necessary business skills and ASKED for help.

Brian Tracy Identified 10 Areas of Business Success:

1.     Having a Great Product

2.     A Marketing Plan

3.     A Sales Plan

4.     A Production Plan

5.     A Distribution Plan

6.     A Financial Plan

7.     A Pricing Plan

8.     A People Plan

9.     A Technology Plan

10.   A Personal Plan


Every one of these is a learnable skill that can be acquired by anyone!

That is the best part about Brian Tracy and his programs. They are designed for the average person who has the drive, ambition and willingness to work hard at their business, acquire the necessary skills and knowledge and be consistent in their application.

He describes perfectly the 7 Steps to Building a High Profit Business and Becoming a Millionaire in the following simple outline:

1. Become a Great Business Person – never stop growing on the inside. Because whatever you cultivate on the inside will manifest externally

2. Have a great Business Plan – Write out a Business plan, attach numbers to it and your likelihood of achieving it GOES UP BY TEN TIMES. Simply from having this business plan

3. Offer a great product or service. Make sure that what you are selling is of the greatest quality possible. If it is not, keep working on it and refining it until it is.

4. Have a marketing plan and refer to it, stick to it and apply it strategically

5. Have a Sales Process – If you do not have one or do not have experience in it – this is your opportunity to learn it! Remember that everything can be learned, there is nothing that is beyond your reach.

6. Attract and keep the best people working for you.

7. Create a great customer experience – this means that you amaze customers, over deliver and exceed expectations.

If you do not have all 7 of these elements in place in your business, the likelihood is that you will fail. Do not become a statistic that fails simply because they did not have the right information and did not ask for help.


The most beneficial way to learn all of these skills and apply them is to actually attend a live event, meet Brian Tracy in person and hear the message directly from him, as well as networking with hundreds of like minded entrepreneurs that have a drive to succeed with their business.

You can get all the information about the next live event – the Total Business Mastery Program right here.

You can also find numerous other Brian Tracy Products that target specific issues like The Psychology of Selling, Time Management, The Psychology of Achievement or just the Best of Brian Tracy. These programs are all very reasonably priced and packed with high quality, concise and motivational information.


I hope to see you at the Total Business Mastery Seminar in September in San Diego!


To your total business success,



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