Linkedin for Business Marketing

by Nina Vucetic on September 7, 2011

linkedin for business marketingLinkedIn for business marketing is essential for any business owner or entrepreneur who is serious about generating targeted leads, prospects and adding revenue to their business. LinkedIn is an essential social media marketing strategy, particularly for business marketing as it has the highest average income per user at over $100,000 with 38% of users earning over $1ook and 31% earning between $60k and $100k.


Optimizing LinkedIn for Business Marketing

In order to optimize your business marketing strategy on LinkedIn, you have to target a specific keyword that is relevant to your business, product or niche. For example, Real Estate Denver, Divorce Attorney New York, Hairdresser Ohio or whatever keyword or key phrase  is relevant for your business, services or products that you are selling and promoting. It is much easier to rank on LinkedIn for these keywords than it is on Google.

This is because on LinkedIn there is a much more narrow focus and it is specifically designed for business people and entrepreneurs that want to focus on business questions, getting answers and generating targeted sales and leads.

LinkedIn is the Social Media Network that is the most highly focused on Business networking and is the 13th most trafficked site in the world. That may not sound like much, but consider this:

  • The average household income for LinkedIn users is $109,000 per member, whereas Facebook users average less than $100,000 in household income.
  • Additionally, business-to-business marketers should consider the reach to business decision makers the site offers. On Facebook, 25 percent to 29 percent of users are in a position to make business decision, compared to 45 percent of LinkedIn users

You Need to be Showing Up on Top of the LinkedIn search results

Whenever anyone types in the keyword that you have chosen, you have to ensure that you are on top. You have to at the very least be on that first page.

How do you do that? Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Step 1: Pick Your Keyword – eg, Sports Marketer

Step 2: Think about how people are searching in Google, and if you are a local business, you need to localize this keyword – e.g., Divorce Attorney New York

Step 3: Go to Your Profile and there are 5 KEY places where you MUST add this keyword:

  1. In Your headline
  2. In Your Current Work Experience
  3. In Your Past Experience. Make sure you add this keyword in as many places as possible for the best results!
  4. In your Summary – again, add the keyword in as many places as possible, but make sure it doesn’t look like keyword stuffing and that it is appropriate and makes sense. Basically, be strategic and use your brain!
  5. Specialties – Add the keyword in as many places as possible as above

Simply following these 3 simple steps will provide incredible results for your LinkedIn Business Marketing Strategy. I personally tested this myself for my particular keyword – Social Media Marketing NYC,  and here are the results that I got overnight!


LinkedIn Optimization


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