Keyword Research and Analysis Made Simple

by Nina Vucetic on July 21, 2011

keyword research and analysisKeyword research and analysis is something that most people who are promoting their websites have “heard” of, maybe even have some understanding of its importance, but often fail to do the correct keyword targeting before launching and promoting their blog or website.

This can be a very costly mistake where you miss your target leads completely and leave a lot of money on the Google table for your competitors.

Many website owners and businesses overlook this fundamental aspect of creating a great web site and do not have an understanding of how the right choice of keywords will ultimately affect your ability to generate leads, prospects and overall revenue. The right keyword research and analysis will define a top SEO and marketing strategy and deliver the results that you want –


More Leads, More Clients and More Revenue.

As an Internet marketer I started off my training with the very basics and FUNDAMENTALS of internet marketing – with a major focus on Search Engine Optimization and creating search engine friendly websites, that are structured properly and have all of the right elements in place for both Google crawlers as well as the ways that customers find you.

Keyword research and Analysis 101

How do customers find you if they have no idea that your website exists?

They go to Google and type something in, right?

What they are typing in is a KEYWORD. They may type in several keywords to find the particular product or service that they are after.


For example, if I wanted to find a divorce attorney in new york, I would type in something like:


  • Divorce attorney nyc
  • Best family law attorney new york city
  • New york divorce attorney
  • Top divorce attorney in new york


The purpose of keyword research is to FIND OUT what your potential clients are typing into to Google and then to optimize your site for those particular terms. That is what keyword research and analysis essentially boils down to initially.

There is NO POINT in optimizing your site and pages for Smith and Smith Law Offices because unless they know you personally, a potential client would never know that name and would never type it in.

So to get the greatest number of potential leads, clients and prospects, you have to make sure that you are showing up on the Google results for what your potential clients are actually typing in to find you.

Make sense?

Brainstorming and Categorizing Your Keyword Targeting

This is the very basic concept of how to do keyword research properly. Before creating or launching any new website, think about this and come up with as many different keyword research terms as you can think of, put them into categories and brainstorm.

Brainstorming and categorizing is important, because there are probably a number of different aspects to your business and things that people will be searching for.

To continue with the divorce attorney example, people may be searching for the following, which will make up your “categories”

Keyword Research and Targeting Category 1 – Prenuptial Agreements

  • How to create a pre nuptial agreement
  • Prenuptial agreement lawyer
  • Prenuptial agreement attorney nyc
  • Prenuptial agreement attorney for same sex couples


Keyword Research and Targeting Category 2 – Fathers Rights

  • Father’s rights attorney
  • Fathers rights lawyer New York
  • Best fathers rights lawyer nyc


Keyword Research and Targeting Category 3 – Divorce Strategy

  • Planning a divorce strategy
  • How to get the best divorce strategy
  • Divorce strategy attorney to win my case
  • Divorce strategy advice from lawyer in nyc
  • Best divorce strategy attorney in nyc


Does this make sense?

Get clear on the how to do keyword research, create keyword targeting categories, the different offerings that you provide and HOW a potential client will be typing into Google to find you.

Keyword Research And Analysis Crucial Point:


For example, if you have a Computer Networking Systems company you may want to optimize your site for the following keywords

  • Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista, LINUX, FreeBSD UNIX
  • Active Directory, MS Exchange 5.5/2K/2003
  • LINUX/UNIX Samba/CIFS, Apache, Mysql
  • Concordance Certification

Do you think your potential start up company or any business for that matter,  would ever think like this? Probably not! They are thinking more along the lines of:

  • Set up a computer network for my new business
  • Protect my new business IT security
  • Set up firewalls for my new business
  • Protect my business from computer viruses

Does this sound like a more likely variation of keywords that the average potential lead would type in? Probably!

So, to sum up on Keyword Research and Analysis:

1.     Identify your main services and offerings

2.     Brainstorm how your potential clients would find you

3.     Categorize these words into specific segments



This is the first part of our keyword research and analysis series.


Stay tuned for the next parts to this series to find out:

  • What to do next with these targeted keywords,
  • How to optimize each page for each keyword,
  • How to leverage your keyword targeting to get found online,
  • Get to the first page of Google with the right keyword research services,
  • What keywords to focus on and how to keep building on this list.


If you need help with getting started and are unclear about where to begin, contact me for your free Nail Your Marketing Assessment and I will take you through my keyword research services to make sure that you have the right foundation in place to build that awesome revenue generating business machine!


To your business and marketing success!



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