How to Use Hootsuite to Double Your Traffic in Half the Time

by Nina Vucetic on August 23, 2011

how to use hootsuiteIf you want to use HootSuite you are probably a switched on entrepreneur who wants to quickly boost traffic to your site,  maximize your social media marketing and eliminate the time that gets wasted on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

These are all fantastic sites, but they can become a trap and a huge drain on your most precious resource – your time.

Using HootSuite is a great way to maximize your social media presence, web site promotion and aggregating all of your social media activities into one place which you can track, monitor and get great reporting on.

How to Use HootSuite

Here are the five ways that I use it to get the most effective results, maximize social media exposure and optimize my time management.

1. I use Google Alerts to get all of the latest information about my industry on a weekly basis. I go through these alerts every Monday and find the best articles that relate to website marketing, social media strategy and anything else related to my field.

2. Once I have found the articles that I think are full of great information, I load them into my HootSuite account. I try to load one article per day that is highly relevant and provides quality content.

3. I also use HootSuite to promote all of my own blog posts. I do this quickly and easily by adding the RSS feed directly into HootSuite, so that each time I publish a post it is automatically sent out to my social media profiles that I have selected.

4. Another thing that I do is re-purpose all of my content. So for each article or blog post that I write, I will create 3 little snippets, add a link back to the post or article and schedule this for publishing on different days. I make sure that that each piece of content that I re-publish is several days apart so that I reach a greater number of people and it doesn’t look like spam!

5. The final thing that I do is load up my HootSuite with great information, tips, tricks and other content that I want to share with my readers. I have a separate word document where I store all of this information and I keep adding to it as I find more interesting and relevant content about my niche that is highly useful to my readers and target market.

So there you have it! The 5 step strategy that takes me no more than an hour or two a week, and has doubled my traffic since I have been using it.

The best part is that it works for you while you are out shopping, working on other projects or just relaxing on the weekend! Web Site marketing does not have to be stressful or difficult. the key is knowledge. Knowledge is power and can save you time, create massive increases to your bottom line and give you far more time off and peace in your life!

People can really get stuck in their social media marketing efforts – spending far too much time tweeting, checking for updates constantly, being inconsistent with their posting and focusing their efforts on social media marketing rather than their core business which is where the revenue comes from.

Don’t get caught in the social media time suck rabbit hole! Social media marketing is a great tool and strategy to be used as part of your overall web promotion strategy, but do not let it become an inefficient and ineffective use of your precious time.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or anyone with a product or service to sell online, your main focus should always be high level tasks and revenue generating activities.

Use the web marketing tools and strategies like HootSuite to your advantage by having a clear plan, a strategy and a way to execute it that is highly efficient, brings the greatest results and frees up your time to work on your business, not in your business.

For more information about creating a clear and strategic online marketing plan for your business, book a free Double Your Leads and Income Strategy Session with me today!

To Your Business and marketing Success,


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