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by Nina Vucetic on December 2, 2011

facebook marketing influenceFacebook marketing is one of the most lucrative internet marketing platforms around today. This social networking site gets more traffic than any other site on the internet – including Google!

With 800 Billion registered users, the opportunities for Facebook marketing for your business are endless, especially as this is a new medium for internet marketing, that even the most seasoned online marketers have not been able to master.

This is where Facebook Influence has a competitive advantage – created by expert Facebook Marketer, Amy Porterfield, who has worked with celebrity figures like Anthony Robbins, you are in good hands!

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I am going to provide you with my review of Facebook Influence, how it can create a massive impact in your Facebook marketing strategy, what is included in the training and how it can deliver high value results your online marketing endeavors.

Facebook Marketing Product Review

Facebook Influence Product Description:

Facebook Influence (FBInfluence) is a complete training program for anyone who is interested is getting more traffic, sales and new leads using the Facebook Platform.

In short, the online Facebook Training Program is split into 4 Modules, with each module sequentially building on the other – taking you step by step from your foundation – including Facebook Page set up and optimization all the way to creating Super Fans who actually promote your business for you and take your business to a much higher level, through leveraging these loyal fans.

  • Module 1: The Foundation for Facebook Success – This teaches you the basics like creating a Facebook welcome tab – and why this is critical, to the essential elements of a branded Facebook Page.
  • Module 2: Growing a Lucrative Fan Base – This modules shows you exactly how to grow your targeted Fan Base, use Facebook Marketing to generate leads on autopilot and how to actually get into the News feed to remain engaged and seen by your fans.
  • Module 3: Creating Massive Engagement – This is where Amy Porterfield is at her best – teaching you how to engage with fans and build genuine and lasting relationships and personalized experiences.
  • Module 4: Fans Into SUPER FANS –The final module will lead you through the Facebook Ads creation process, supercharging those ads at minimum cost and my favorite part was the “Instant Action Plan” which gives you the 5 tips to get started immediately and transform your business in 24 hours.

The Product also provides 6 great Bonuses – including a private, members only full access support together with a private members only group, so you can get all your questions answered and build networking relationships.

Who Is This Product Designed For?

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their business leads and sales, generate new income streams and build powerful and lasting relationships with the fans that they create.

Savvy entrepreneurs who have mastered the skill of Facebook Marketing are reporting that it is the Number One source of traffic for them.

Business is all about connecting with people – so if you look at it from that angle – a potential market of 800 Million is astonishing and something that every serious business owner and entrepreneur needs to take notice of.

It is no longer just a site to post pictures of your kids – it is a lead and sales generating marketing platform with unlimited potential if you have the tools and strategies to utilize it effectively, and get in as quickly as possible before it becomes a saturated market.

The beauty of it is that the business marketing element is still relatively untapped as entrepreneurs struggle to figure out the mechanics and strategy.

Facebook Influence simplifies all of this for you and breaks it down into a simple format, with clear information and instructions, easy to follow examples and case studies, delivered by an expert Facebook Marketer for an insider view of what really works, together with special tips, bonus tricks and strategies that you can implement immediately.

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Facebook Influence is the perfect product for anyone who wants to make sure that their Facebook Strategy is a success and is confused about all the new features, how to get targeted followers and create Facebook Ads.

Facebook Influence does a great job of explaining all the new changes taking place on Facebook and how to actually leverage the wide audience to generate leads, sales and traffic to your business, products and services.

Don’t Forget – Facebook has reached one trillion page views as at  June 2011, making it the most trafficked  website in the world!

What I liked the most is the examples that are provided with Facebook Marketers who are doing it effectively – so you can model their success in your own Facebook Marketing Strategy from those you have mastered the process.

You can Get FBInfluence for Facebook Marketing though my affiliate link and put these powerful tools to work for you and your business today.









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James Wedmore December 2, 2011 at 12:11 pm

Thanks for the great post and review Nina!


Nina Vucetic December 2, 2011 at 12:21 pm

Thanks James – it is an awesome product, much like yours!


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