The Case For Charging What You Are Worth

by Nina Vucetic on July 1, 2011

internet marketing fees I had an experience in my early days of internet marketing where I learned a big lesson on charging what you are worth.

I wasn’t a beginner, but I was trying to attract new clients and had a client approach me and make me an offer that was incredibly low.

I KNEW what I was worth and what my services were worth and my instinct was to say no. When I do a job I put my head, heart and soul into it. I utilize every tools, resource and minute that I have to make sure that the client gets the very best service available on the market.

I make sure that the client doubles their revenue and has a steady influx of new revenue and leads. I am not satisfied until that happens. So, knowing this, I said no. I went with my instinct.

However, several months later he contacted me again, and at that time there were several things going on both personally an financially that out me into fear mode and I accepted the offer. It was based on fear, lack of trust in the universe and not listening to my instincts.

We are either driven by our emotions – fear and anxiety – or rational, clear, thought out decision making processes. I was definitely in the emotional state and the consequences were disastrous. Not catastrophic to the point where anyone made significant losses, but it was not a relationship that added value to either party.

I short I was undercharging, he was over demanding, our boundaries were not in place and the resentment from undercharging caused me to perform at lower levels than I expect of myself.  I always aim to deliver the highest quality of service to clients, to respond to their needs and changes immediately and to ensure that we are always working as a team and at the top of our game.

This was impossible when I felt I was underpaid and there was a massive discrepancy between my effort and the money being received by this client.

No matter how much you try it is hard to bridge this gap and from my experience there are only 2 solutions. Raise your price to what you really are worth or end the contract. In the long run, the needs of both parties will be best served when expectations are being met, financial or otherwise.

In the words of the amazing business coach Monica Shah – once you stand your ground, charge what you are worth and uphold your boundaries, this bleeds into all areas of your life!

So do yourself a favor. Take the anxiety and fear out of your decision making process, use whatever methods you have at your disposal to do this, and charge what you are worth!




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Nadia Balici July 23, 2011 at 5:42 pm

This is great advice! This is the First Commandment of the 12 Commandments of Attracting Greater Wealth in David Bach’s “Smart Women Finish Rich,” and something every one of us should adhere to! Thanks for sharing your personal experience with it.


nvwebmarketing July 24, 2011 at 8:05 am

It is something that my coach as well as other great coaches like Kendall Summerhawk talk about constantly.
The KEY to this is to keep practicing – keep asking for what you are worth. You should hear silence and possibly a jaw drop. SIT THROUGH that uncomfortable silence and let the other person deal with their money issues – because they are the other person’s issue – not yours – if you are truly charging what you are worth and believe it.
Sometimes we do need to take this up or down until WE get comfortable with it and until we ARE truly worth what we are charging and only then can we fully believe it and ask for it.

Thanks for the comment and for stopping by Nadia!


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