101 Awesome titles for your next blog post

by Nina Vucetic on July 10, 2011

writing great headlinesWriting great titles and headlines for your blog posts, articles and press releases is probably one of the most important factors that determine whether your content gets read.

However, if you are not a naturally born brilliant writer or you simply do not have the experience with writing online content, it can be difficult to come up with catch and compelling titles for your blog posts.

Why headlines and titles are so important

There is evidence that indicates that 8 out of 10 people will scan a title of a blog post, but only 2 out of 10 will actually click through and read the content. So you could have the most informative, interesting and relevant content on your blog but it will simply not get read if you do not engage the reader with a compelling and eye catching  headline.

The title is therefore crucial when it comes to your blogging and internet marketing strategy. It is the first thing that people see and it is the thing that will essentially determine whether your post gets read, which in turn reflects your website traffic, ability to generate leads and brand yourself online.

A very simple strategy, with high impact results. Do not overlook the importance of headlines and titles when writing and publishing your content. Spend time crafting and designing a headline that YOU would want to read, that creates interest, allure, questions in the readers mind, is catchy and creative.

Don’t follow the crowd with the overused titles that appear on saturated article marketing sites.

Be creative. Be unique. Brand yourself.

How to create compelling titles?

Of course as important as this strategy is, it is not something that comes naturally to everyone, not even seasoned writers and marketers. Companies, especially media and advertising companies put millions into this one aspect of their marketing strategy – creating awesome titles that appear on their magazines and newspapers. So why not take advantage of their research and align yourself with the best?

The nest way to create compelling and great titles that get click troughs is to follow the leaders in the industry that are pumping millions into the creation of such titles. Magazines like Bazaar, Cosmo, InStyle and others probably have the best and catchiest titles around! Take notice the next time you are at a newsstand and grocery store. What catches your eye? What grabs your attention. What makes you want to BUY?

In our information overload world, we simply do not have time for anything that is not outstanding, innovative and sparks our interest IMMEDIATELY. Your headline is your opportunity to do this. Do not miss it due to laziness or not understanding the impact of an awesome headline.

To get you started, I have created a template with 101 AWESOME Titles for Your Next Blog Post.

Sign up to get your FREE download and save yourself time, frustration and confusion. Most important, get that traffic coming to your website!



Don’t forget, this is just a template, with great titles that you can either fill in and publish, or get even more creative by putting your own spin on it.

Be bold, creative, interesting and push the limits. Stay true to your brand and make sure that once they DO click through, you have information packed, interesting and relevant content to offer!


To your Business and Marketing Success



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